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The Principle And Function Of Drying Equipment

   Drying equipment using thermal energy reduce moisture, mechanical equipment, used to dry the object operation. By heating the material in a wet drying equipment (generally refers to water or other volatile liquid substances) vaporization escapes to obtained the required moisture content of solid material. Aim of drying is to use or further processing of materials needed. Such as wood in wood mold drying prevents the product before, wood, ceramic body in front of a burning dry prevents finished cracking. Other dried items are also easy to transport and storage, such as harvested grain dried to a moisture content to prevent mildew. Natural drying is far from meeting the needs of production development, mechanized equipment is widely applied.

   Drying the drying process of the device consumes a large amount of heat, in order to save energy, some material with high moisture content, containing solid substances in suspension or solution is usually by mechanical dehydration or heat evaporation, drying in the dryer to get the dry solids.

   Drying equipment needs complete heat in the drying process and quality (wet) passed to ensure the material surface moisture vapor partial pressure (density) above wet-steam-pressure in the external space, ensure the heat source temperature is higher than the temperature.

   Heat from high temperature heat sources in a variety of ways to the wet material, material moisture evaporation on the surface and escape into outer space, to differences in the surface and the moisture content within the material. Internal moisture to the surface diffusion and vaporization, material moisture content decreases, through the drying of items as a whole.

   Material drying rate depends on the surface evaporation rate and diffusion rate of internal moisture. Usually dry early of dry rate by surface vaporization rate control; then, as long as dry of external conditions not variable, material of dry rate and surface temperature that keep stable, this stage called constant speed dry stage; Dang material wet content reduced to a a degree, internal wet points to surface of diffusion rate reduced, and is less than surface vaporization rate, dry rate that main by internal diffusion rate decided, and with wet content of reduced and constantly reduced, this stage called speed dry stage.

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