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Vacuum Freeze Dryer Exports To Korea

Low-carbon economy and energy-saving emission reduction is China's long-term implementation of the strategic objectives. As a Drying Equipment manufacturing enterprises in addition to their own production process to reduce the consumption of resources and environmental pollution, but also should assume the low consumption of environmentally friendly products and advanced production and processing technology to improve the efficiency of equipment manufacturing.

Vacuum freeze-drying technology used in research and development production GZLS series of vacuum freeze dryer, in addition to domestic sales, has also been accepted by foreign users qualified, sold to Singapore,France, Poland, South Korea and other countries and regions.

JZG Series Freeze Vacuum Dryer

Vacuum freeze-drying is a more advanced method of dehydration of substances at present. The technology is to freeze the aqueous material at low temperature, and then let the water in the vacuum state directly sublimation, and condensate method of sublimation of sublimation of water vapor, to material The purpose of dehydration drying. The freeze-dried material, its physical, chemical and biological state is basically the same, the volatile components of the material and heat denaturation of the nutritional loss is very small, freeze-dried material was porous, and its volume is basically the same as before drying. So after the water due to contact area, can quickly recover, in the sealed container has a longer shelf life.

Dried Stawberry Slices

The company's vacuum freeze dryer has been certified by the European Union CE, its dry box, condenser, evaporator, vacuum pipe and other components, made of stainless steel material, in line with drugs, food GMP specification requirements; vacuum system using two-stage vacuum Vacuum is in a better state to shorten the entire freeze-drying time; refrigerators with single or double-stage cooling, to achieve the ideal cooling temperature, maintenance, easy to operate; electrical control with a variety of advanced measurement system to ensure that The quality of the dried products.

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