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Vibrating Fluidized Bed Drying Equipment Has Great Potential

With the development of drying technology, our vibratory fluidized bed drying equipment stands out on the market. Its difference from ordinary fluidized bed dryers is that it has high drying efficiency, low energy consumption, and the maintenance of the final material particles, which is in line with modern energy-saving production concepts.

Recently, Australia's purchasers have come to visit us. During the past three months, we have been on-site inspections with our technical staff. We have developed a customized vibrating fluidized bed dryer for our company. This equipment is mainly used to dry cellulose. Cellulose is the most widely distributed and most abundant polysaccharide in nature. At room temperature, cellulose is neither soluble in water nor soluble in common organic solvents and dilute alkaline solutions. Therefore, it is relatively stable at room temperature because of the presence of hydrogen bonds between cellulose molecules. Excessive temperatures can cause it to become something else. Therefore, in the process of drying cellulose, the effective control of temperature is one of its primary considerations.

The application fields of the fluidized bed drying equipment of our company are also more and more extensive, and the product technology is further developed toward the direction of energy-saving, non-pollution, electromechanical integration, and exported to Southeast Asia and other developing countries. It can be described as a promising market and potential.

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