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Wide Range Of Application Of Flash Dryer

Flash dryer Introduction, absorption of foreign advanced technology on the basis of self-developed successful new drying equipment. The machine has advanced technology, reasonable design, compact structure, wide range of application, large production capacity, good product quality, high efficiency, energy saving, drying in a equipment, crushing, screening one-time completion, eliminating environmental pollution, Spin Flash Dryer the whole machine performance to reach the international advanced technical level.

Flash dryer is a vertical fluidized bed drying equipment with rotating crushing device, mainly used for the drying of paste-like materials. The main body is a cylindrical drying chamber, Spin Flash Dryer which consists of the crushing fluidized section, the middle drying section and the top grading section of the bottom, which can complete the crushing, drying and grading of the materials at the same time. Flash Dryer has the following structural characteristics:

(1) The bottom of the drying chamber is the inverted cone structure with agitator. The inverted cone structure causes the hot air Circulation section to expand from bottom to top, Spin Flash Dryer the bottom gas velocity is high, the upper gas velocity is low, so that the lower large particles and the upper small particles can be in good fluidization state. The inverted cone structure also shortens the length of the stirring shaft cantilever and increases the reliability of the operation.

(2) The upper part of the drying chamber is provided with a grading ring. The role of the grading ring is to make the granules larger, or not to complete the drying of materials and qualified products separated, unqualified products in the drying room, can effectively guarantee the product granularity and moisture requirements.

(3) The drying system is closed. Drying process of continuous operation, the amount of feed, hot air temperature, product granularity can be controlled within a certain range, Spin Flash Dryer thus ensuring the drying products of the indicators.

(4) Set smash, dry, grading as a whole. Equipment function optimization, compact structure, small footprint.

Flash dryer is a combination of fluidization technology, swirl technology, Spin Flash Dryer spraying technology and convective heat transfer technology, which greatly simplifies the production process and saves the equipment investment and operation cost. According to the structure characteristic of flash dryer, working process is divided into crushing, gas-solid contact, drying, grading four stages, its working principle is: the material into the dryer immediately after the mixing of blades and air flow to crush, in order to increase the dispersion of materials and unit volume of wet materials of the table product. As the agitator crushes the material and produces dispersion, Spin Flash Dryer the hot air entering the drying chamber is also in a high turbulent state, which quickly achieves the gas-solid mixing, which makes the block material in a good fluidization state and is surrounded by hot air. During the drying process of mass transfer between the material and the hot air, most of the water evaporates during this phase. Spin Flash Dryer When the material is crushed and the moisture evaporates, the buoyancy is larger than the gravity, and the material moves upwards into the classifier. The material in the gas entrainment under the spiral rise, under the action of centrifugal force, Spin Flash Dryer the material size is small in the ring, the larger wet outer ring. Small particles in the water to meet the requirements of the gas from the center of the drying chamber, larger than wet particles continue to crush drying, so as to ensure the product moisture content and particle size uniformity.

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