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Lemon Shell Rotary Drum Dryer

Rotary Drum Dryer for drying lemon shells

Product Details

  1.0 Project instruction:

  The user every hour to deal with lemon shell 10 tons, need to dry 80% wet lemon shell into about 10% moisture products. Due to the larger capacity, the design uses three dryers to achieve this purpose, the heat source is provided by an indirect heat exchanger. At the beginning the water content is big, so to use of high temperature and air volume, the design of two drying machine parallel to treat the wet shells. In the late drying process the water content of the shell becomes much smaller, so it can use low temperature hot air and low air volume, the design of the discharging material out of the two front drying machines collected into the third dryer, and ultimately get dry products.

  The system mainly includes hot stove, feeder, rotary drum dryer, cyclone dust collector, induced draft fan, and related conveyor device.

Lemon Shell Rotary Drum Dryer

  2.0 Performance characteristics of drying system: 

  The rotary cylinder dryer is a large continuous drying equipment. The whole equipment consists of hot air system, inlet and outlet equipment, rotary cylinder dryer, high and low temperature pipeline and electric control system. 

Our company’s rotary cylinder drying equipment has the following characteristics: 

  2.1 Large evaporate capacity, large treatment capacity, high thermal efficiency, low energy consumption. 

  2.2 The design and manufacture of components are considered in the long-term high temperature conditions to ensure that the mechanical performance requirements, to ensure long-term continuous full load state of the drying operation. 

  2.3 The use of rotary cylinder dryer as the main machine of the drying system, simple structure, less trouble, low maintenance costs, large production capacity, and can guarantee a long continuous operation.

  2.4 In the drying system at high and low temperature pipelines are installed with temperature measurement sensors and digital display instruments, to achieve the best drying effect and to ensure the safe operation of the system. 

  2.5 Rotary drum dryer with stepless variable speed drive, can be adjusted easily according to the level of material moisture and the amount of feed and easy to adjust the speed of the drum to achieve the best drying effect. 

  2.6 Using a new and unique sealing device, the system operated in negative pressure, no dust and odor smell, the working environment is good. 

  2.7 The entire drying system uses electrical centralized control, hot air temperature automatic adjustment, high degree of automation, easy to operate. 

  2.8 Hot air stove uses LPG as fuel, use of indirect heat transfer structure, the flue gas does not enter the dryer, to ensure the cleanliness of hot air.

 3.0 After-sales service:

  3.1 After the equipment being delivered, the supplier is responsible for technical guidance of installation, commissioning, training the operators of the buyer.

  3.2 The supplier provide the following technical documents:

    3.2.1 Manual;

    3.2.2 Electrical circuit diagram.

  3.3 After the warranty expires, the supplier lifelong maintenance of the equipment, replacement parts and other costs involved, the supply-side only pay the cost.

  3.4 After the warranty expires, the demand side for replaceable standard parts, the supplier unconditional manufacturer or distributor contact phone number, address.

  3.5 In case of equipment failure, notify the supplier, the supply-side maintenance personnel arrived at the following time frame demand-side scene:

    3.5.1 Jiangsu province: arrive in 24 hours;

    3.5.2 Out of Jiangsu province: arrive in 24 ~ 72 hours.

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