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Rotary Drum Dryer For Used Aluminum Cans

Rotary drum dryer for used aluminum cans

Product Details

  Brief introduction of the project:

   1. Name of project: Rotoray dryer for used aluminum cans

   2. Equipments: heat air generator, rotary dryer and related auxiliary equipment

   3. Heat resource: LPG


  How the rotary drum dryer works:

    The main body of the rotary drum is a cylindrical body which is slightly inclined and rotatable. High temperature materials enters from the entrance of the drum dryer, when it goes through the inside part of cylinder chamber, and contact with and have heat exchange with the hot air flow which goes through the cylinder chamber, after heat exchange the most of the products go out from the drum dryer discharging place. The exhaust tail gas treated by cyclone separator and then discharged by the induced draft fan.

    In the heat exchange process, the material by means of the slow rotation of the cylinder, under the action of gravity moves from the higher end to the lower end. The inner wall of the cylinder is installed with blade plates which continuously raises and lowers the material so that the heat contact surface of the material is increased to increase the heat exchange rate and to promote the material to move forward.

    Use of counter-current drying, high temperature air go out of the drum dryer after the heat exchange process.

    Rotary drum dryer has advantages of: low energy consumption, easy maintenance, easy to operate, etc., are widely used in metallurgy, building materials, chemical and other fields.

Rotary drum dryer

   The highlight of the Roatary drum dryer for drying aluminum cans:

   1. The cylinder section thickness 12mm,  Internal refractory materia

   2. Heat air temperature: above 900℃

   3. Drive method: Motor + cylindrical gear reducer


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