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Wooden Meal Or Sawdust Rotry Drum Dryer

Applicable for drying big particles,heavy particls in the field of chemical mining and metallurgical industry. For example:slag of blast furnace,coal,metallic powder,phosphorus fertilizer,thiamin and so on.

Product Details

    Wooden meal rotry drum dryer


    The machine is mainly used in per buring of rigid magnet oxygen pulverized powder ,it is also suitable for the cement ,metallurgy and chemical industry ,it is consisted of main kiln body,supporting drive set.cooling pipe. oil fuel system,electricity control,secondary air inlet set,exhaust dust set and warm-up kiln body etc.Main fanction of this dryer includes :over temperature,over loading,auto control for working temperature,oxygen atmosphere is adjustable in the kiln etc.


    Wet material is loaded from one head of the drier, and then it is stirred by the bafflers that is uniformly distributed in the barrel.Material is uniformly distributed and dispersed in the drier,fully contact the hot air in paraller (or counter)flow,so the drying process is expedited ,and the impulsion power of media transfer is enhanced,During the drying process ,material is under the effect of angled baffler and hot air and moves to the rotary valve that is at the other head of the drier.


    1.The mechanial level content of rotating drier is high and its productive capacity is large.

    2.Because the resistance when fluid passes through the cylinder is small,the consumption of power is low.

    3.Have strong adoptability to raw materials.

    4.Its operation is stability and the cost of operation is cheap.The homogeneity of dried product is good.


If the wooden meal or sawdust rotry drum dryer meets your requirement, welcome to buy the high quality and durable dryer from our factory. Well acknowledged as one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of wooden meal or sawdust rotry drum dryer, we must be your best choice. Don't miss it.
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