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Magnetic Clay Spin Flash Dryer

XZG model spin flash dryer is designed by ourselves .The hot air enter into the dryer chamber from the bottom of dryer host,its going into the dryer chamber by inlet entrance.The rotor at the conical base of the drying chamber fluidity product particles in a drying-efficient hot air flow pattern in which any wet lumps are rapidly disintegrated. Using the heat from the air stream, the material dries as it is conveyed. Product is separated using cyclones, and/or bag filters. Typically, cyclones are followed by scrubbers or bag filters for final cleaning of the exhaust gases to meet current emission requirements.

Product Details

Feature of Chemical Drying Equipment High Speed Spin Flash Dryer

(1) There are many kinds feeding equipment for choosing and feeding is continue and static.

(2) There is a cooling device at the bottom of dryer, where is high temperature area heat sensitivity raw material can not contact with heat surface directly, therefore it solves the metamorphose problem of heat sensitivity raw material.

(3) There are pressured seal and bearing cooling device, so can make the life of machine longer.

(4) There is special equipment for sharing wind, and raising the amount of hot air.

(5) There are rotational flow pieces inside the drying chamber. It is used to control the moisture and granule of raw material to needed level.

(6) The machine could add specific gravity of materials compare with other drying method.

(7) Because gas speed at circle inside the drying chamber is high and the staying time of raw material is short, so it could prevent material stick to me wall and metamorphose problem, high efficiency and quick speed can be realized. It is possible for small equipment to carry out large-scale production.

Spin flash dryer flow chart

Application of Magnetic Clay Spin Flash Dryer:

 1.Organics: Atrazine (Pesticides), Cadmium Laurate, Benzoic Acid, Germicide, Sodium Oxalate, Cellulose Acetate, Organic Pigments, and etc.

 2. Dyes: Anthraquinone, Black Iiron Oxide, Indigo Pigments, Butyric Acid, Titanium Hydroxide, Zinc Sulfide, Azo Dye Intermediates, and etc.

 3.Inorganic: Borax, Calcium Carbonate, Hydroxide, Copper Sulfate, Iron Oxide, Barium Carbonate, Antimony Trioxide, Metal Hydroxides, Heavy Metal Salts, Synthetic Cryolite, and etc.

 4. Food: Soy Protein, Gelatinized Starch, Lees, Wheat Sugar, Wheat Starch, and etc.

Magnetic clay spin flash dryer

If the magnetic clay spin flash dryer meets your requirement, welcome to buy the high quality and durable dryer from our factory. Well acknowledged as one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of magnetic clay spin flash dryer, we must be your best choice. Don't miss it.
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