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Silicon Carbide Spin Flash Dryer

Silicon carbide spin flash dryer,welcome to contact us.

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  Project Category: Chemical Engineering Industry

  Selection of products: XSG series spin flash dryer

First, The silicon carbide dryer project overview:

Silicon carbide (SiC) is made of quartz sand, petroleum coke (or coal), wood chips as raw materials through the resistance furnace high temperature smelting. Silicon carbide also has rare minerals in nature, mozzanite. Silicon carbide, also known as carbon silica. In the contemporary C, N, B and other non-oxide high-tech refractory materials, silicon carbide is the most widely used, the most economical one. Can be called gold sand or refractory sand. Silicon carbide is made of quartz sand, petroleum coke (or coal), wood chips (need to add salt when to produce green silicon carbide) and other raw materials in the resistance furnace by high temperature smelting. At present, China's industrial production of silicon carbide is divided into two kinds: black silicon carbide and green silicon carbide, are hexagonal crystals, the specific gravity of 3.20 ~ 3.25, micro-hardness of 2840 ~ 3320kg / mm2.

Silicon Carbide

Second, the principle of silicon carbide dryer:

Hot air from the inlet tube at the appropriate spray speed from the bottom of the dryer into the mixing crushing drying room, the material produced a strong shear, blowing, rotating, so the material by centrifugation, shear, collision, friction and micro-granulation , Enhanced mass transfer heat transfer. At the bottom of the dryer, the larger and heavier particles are mechanically crushed under the action of a stirrer, the moisture content is low, and the particles with smaller particle size are entrained by the rotating air stream and are further dried during the ascending process. As the gas-solid two-phase rotation flow, solid-phase inertia is greater than the gas phase, solid-gas two-phase relative speed between the larger, to strengthen the two-phase mass transfer heat transfer, so the machine production strength.

Third, silicon carbide dryer engineering advantages:

Due to dust, the use of drums and other drying equipment will lead to environmental pollution is very serious, other box-type high-temperature drying equipment will also affect the work environment of the workshop.

Silicon carbide flash dryer is to overcome the static dry low efficiency, high consumption and research and development of new efficient fluidized drying equipment. The machine in the process of silicon carbide drying fully combined with the characteristics of dry air flow drying, avoid weaknesses, so that the machine has a reasonable process structure and superior performance, and truly achieve fluidized drying of low consumption and efficient targets. The scope of application of this machine is extremely wide, can be used for silicon carbide, black silicon carbide, green carbon silicon, black carbon silicon powder, green silicon carbide powder, foam ceramic silicon carbide, refractory silicon carbide and other small proportion of fine powder material drying. Equipment, high thermal efficiency, low energy consumption, small footprint, simple configuration, easy operation and control.

The delivery of the Silicon carbide spin flah dryer

Fourth, the characteristics of silicon carbide dryer:

Flash dryer with high technological content, high standardization, environmental protection, safety, low consumption, simple maintenance, etc., in the design structure:

① the bottom of the dryer set inverted cone structure, so that the drying gas flow through the bottom of the gradual expansion of the bottom of the air flow is relatively large, the upper air flow is relatively small, so that the lower part of the large particles in fluidized state, the upper small The particles are also in fluidized state, and the hot air along the vertebral body rotation, improve the bottom of the wind speed, reducing the length of the cantilever part of the mixing shaft, increasing the safety and reliability of operation; can put the bearing outside the machine, effectively prevent the bearing at high temperatures Area work, thus extending the bearing life.

② stir the teeth set on the scraper, the material was stuck in the mixing teeth at the same time, was thrown to the wall, bonding on the wall, if not timely scraping, serious equipment will cause vibration, and even lead to stir The Stirring set on the scraper, you can peel off the material on the wall in time to avoid sticky wall.

③ The number of revolutions of the stirring shaft is controlled by the stepless speed regulation motor. According to the product size requirements to choose a different speed, the faster the stirring shaft speed, the smaller the size of the product.

④ The upper part of the dryer is equipped with a classifier to change the air flow rate by changing the hole diameter of the classifier and the height of the classification section, and control the particle size and quantity of the dryer, the final water content and the residence time of the material in the drying section.

⑤ The number of revolutions of the screw conveyor of the feeder is controlled by the inorganic speed control motor. The feed rate is controlled according to the material properties and the drying process parameters.

⑥ equipment compact structure, small footprint, set dry, crushed, graded as a whole, is swirling technology, fluid technology, jet technology and convection technology of organic combination, do not need to dry after crushing, screening, simplifying the Production process, saving power and equipment costs.

If the silicon carbide spin flash dryer meets your requirement, welcome to buy the high quality and durable dryer from our factory. Well acknowledged as one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of silicon carbide spin flash dryer, we must be your best choice. Don't miss it.
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