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Sodium Caseinate Spray Dryer

sodium caseinate spray dryer, spray dryer for drying sodium caseinate

Product Details

  Sodium caseinate Spray dryer

 Sodium caseinate: also known as casein sodium, sodium butyrate or casein, is the main protein casein sodium salt in milk and is a safe and harmless thickener and emulsifier because casein Sodium contains a variety of amino acids required by the human body, the nutritional value is high, can also be used as a nutritional enhancer. Its relative molecular mass 75000 ~ 375000.

   It is a white or light yellow granule or powder obtained by treating casein curd with a base, such as sodium hydroxide, to convert water-insoluble casein into a soluble form. Casein sodium as a food additive, high security, the world generally licensed to use, but also because of its good emulsification, thickening and other effects, almost widely used in all food industry.

Spray dryer

  Features of Sodium caseinate spray dryer:

  1. Fast drying speed: after spraying into small drops, contacting area greatly increased. So when these small drops contact with hot air, 95%-98% water will be evaporated sonly in 5-35seconds. It is specially suitable for heat sensitive material.

  2. Because product is dried in hot air, so shape of product keeps the same as sprayed drops. It is well dispersed ball shape with good flowability and solubility.

  3. Stable operating: it is automatic and continuous operating equipment which is easy for controlling and adjusting.

  4. Simplified working process: it is suitable for drying slurry with water content between 40%-90%.   5. It will produce uniformed powder and save process such as grinding and sieving.

  6. Operating condition is good and avoid ash leaking during drying process.

Raw material can be solution,slurry,emultion,supension,paste,melting material,or even caky material.


Technical Parameter:

Technical Parameter of Spray dryer

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