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Egg Powder Spray Dryer

Spray dryer for drying egg powder, spray dryer for drying egg white

Product Details

Spray drying is the most widely used technology in the liquid forming process and the drying industry. It is the production of powder, granular or bulk solid products, the most suitable for the solution, emulsion, suspension and paste of the material. Therefore, spray drying is an ideal technique when particle size and distribution of the final product, residual moisture content, stocking density and particle shape meet the accuracy criteria.


Drying is a widely used liquid forming process in the dry industry. The air passes through the air filter and the heater, and becomes hot air into the hot air dispenser at the top of the drying chamber and then enters the drying chamber in a helical rotation state. The liquid of the raw material passes through a filter and is pumped to the centrifugal nebulizer on the top, and the atomizer atomizes the stock solution into small water droplets. The hot air is in good contact with the raw material solution. Water is evaporated rapidly. The raw material is dried to a finished product in a short time. The finished product is discharged through the cyclone at the bottom of the dryer. The exhaust gas is withdrawn from the fan.

 Egg york powder

Features of Egg Powder Spray Dryer :


1. Drying speed is fast. Sprayed into the liquid, the material surface area will be greatly increased. In hot air, 95% - 98% of the water can evaporate in an instant. It takes only a few seconds to complete the drying time.


2. Particularly suitable for heat-sensitive materials drying. Its final product has good uniformity, mobility, and dissolving capacity. And good quality, high purity.

Egg white powder


3. The production process is simple and the operation control is easy. After drying, we do not need to crush sorting, thereby reducing the production process, improve product purity. Product particle size, tightness and moisture content can be adjusted within a certain range by changing the operating conditions. It is very convenient to control and manage it.

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