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Food Vacuum Dryer

  • Strawberry Round Static Vacuum Drier
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    Strawberry Round Static Vacuum Drier

    Vacuum dry is divided into static and dynamic, Model yZG round vacuum drier and Model FZG square vacuum drier belongs to static drier.
  • Pistachio Nuts Food Vacuum Dryer
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    Pistachio Nuts Food Vacuum Dryer

    Pistachio nuts food vacuum dryer Project description: Pistachio, is a dried fruit, similar to ginkgo, cracked with a grated and different from ginkgo . Pistachio is rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, with low fat, low calorie,...
  • Fodder Vacuum Dryer
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    Fodder Vacuum Dryer

    Fodder vacuum dryer Project description: Broadly speaking, biofeeders should include all feed or feedstocks other than synthetic additives. It was suggested that biofeeders should include some new protein and energy feed sources. The...
Choose the best quality and durable food vacuum dryer from a great selection of quality equipment here with our professional manufacturers and suppliers in China. Equipped with a productive factory at your service, we will also satisfy your customized requirement. Now, take action to get the food vacuum dryer from us.
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