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Viscose Fiber New Vacuum Dryer

The viscose fiber dryer is finished

Product Details

   Jiangsu Jianda Dry Engineering Co., Ltd., for the traditional vacuum dryer high investment costs, high energy consumption, low production efficiency and other shortcomings, to be improved, developed a new type of efficient vacuum dryer for viscose fiber drying. A chemical fiber company and I signed a viscose fiber dedicated dryer orders, recently, the equipment can be produced.


   Viscose fiber, also known as ice silk, silk cotton,  is a major variety of man-made fiber. Because of its good hygroscopicity, in the general atmospheric conditions, the moisture regain of it is about 13%.

   So our company has focuses on the sealing system on the receiving system,in the process of technical design. After several experiments, our company specially makes sealed apron, which not only has a long life, also ensures better results.

    During the design process, this equipment uses external heating method, the heat source is 0.15MPa saturated steam, so that the material can be heated evenly, and dried more fully .

   In the vacuum state to achieve continuous feeding and discharge, and the amount of feed can be set according to the requirements of free adjustment.The whole  machine uses programmable automatic mode of operation, to achieve all aspects of automation equipment. For the product,the drying effect is obvious, with high efficiency, low energy consumption characteristics.


    We have a unique technology in the daying of variety of fibers, such as: glass fiber, polypropylene fiber, wood fiber, asbestos fiber,etc.

If the viscose fiber new vacuum dryer meets your requirement, welcome to buy the high quality and durable dryer from our factory. Well acknowledged as one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of viscose fiber new vacuum dryer, we must be your best choice. Don't miss it.
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